List of selected publications

  • Escaping from a Rectangular Room.
    S. Kundu,Y. Bahoo, O. Cagirici, and S. M. LaValle.
    27th International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics, 2023.

  • Segment Visibility for k-transmitters.
    Y. Bahoo, S. Kundu, and K. Manastyrski.
    The International Symposium on Algorithmics of Wireless Networks (ALGOWIN), 2023.

  • Improved Collision-Free Multi-Axis Tool-Path for Additive Manufacturing.
    R. I. Nishat, Y. Bahoo, K. Georgiou, R. Hedrick, J. R. Urbanic.
    CAD’23 conference, 2023.

  • Computing the k-visibility Region of a Point in a Polygon.
    Y. Bahoo, P. Bose, S. Durocher, T. Shermer.
    Journal of Theory of Computing Systems, 2020.

  • A Time-Space Trade-off for Computing the k-Visibility Region of a Point in a Polygon.
    Y. Bahoo, B. Banyassady , P. Bose, S. Durocher, W. Mulzer.
    Journal of Theoretical Computer Science, 2018.