CPS841/CP8309: Foundations of Semantic Technologies  



Visit this page regularly! Important announcements will be posted on this page.


The second exam: Wednesday, April 6, noon, KHE121 (classroom).
Study guide is to be posted on Blackboard.


Midterm Test: Wednesday, March 2, noon, KHE121 (classroom).
Study guide is posted on Blackboard.


The Ryerson university library has a number of books on reserve that you can borrow for a short term loan. Here is the list of books related to this course.

All Assignments are posted on Blackboard

You can download them from my.ryerson.ca (look in the Assignments folder).

If you have questions related to CPS841 / CP8309, please visit me during the office hours or make an appointment.

You can give your assignment to a secretary and ask her to put a stamp with the date on your assignment.


Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software), to read .pdf files.

Ghostview, (free software), to read .ps files.

CPS841 / CP8309